Lake girl  - Cynthia Kumanchik
Review Enjoyable read

A young Girl in the prime of her life with her whole future ahead of her gets murdered in a small lakeshore town when visiting relatives for the summer. Unable to let go of the life she once had and wanting answers to why she was killed, lily remains an earthbound spirit searching for her Killers. 

A murder mystery with a bit of a paranormal twist, this was an enjoyable read. Where in most murder mysteries the story is told from the point of view of who is trying to solve the crime, in this story we get to see from the victims point of view and watch as she seeks justice.

I liked the small town feel as well as the different characters that often spent time at the shorebird, a place where people liked to go to eat, drink, and catch up on all the local gossip. When news of lily's death hits the news you really get to just how close knit the town is. I recommend this book if: you like murder mysteries, stories set in small towns, stories with a paranormal twist.