Hell's hammer  -  Ron; Ripley

This book two in the haunted village series. Abel worthe's sick experiment continues on in the village but now there are two new subjects - a married couple who are brought to this village of the dead and a new threat,the ghost of a vicious serial killer whose weapon of choice is a mason's hammer. Will the subjects survive? Or will they become the new ghost next victim?

This book was very well written you can tell that the author put a lot of time and effort into his writing. There's a great cast of characters and you slowly get to learn a little more about them as the story continues. You get to learn a bit of abel worthe's past and sort of get an idea as to why he's doing this crazy experiment. Marcus and Alex have formed quite a strong bond and i feel like you really get to see that in this book.I found it crazy that one of worthe's employees actually seemed to believe in what abel worthe was doing and made me think that maybe he's just as crazy as abel worthe himself. There is however an employee who doesn't agree with with what abel worthe is doing.

I enjoyed reading this book, there were some things that happened in the book that really took me ny surprise. I highly recommend this book.

I recommend this book to: anyone who loves a good very dark horror story, if you like stories with malevolent ghosts.

T.W: for violence, blood,and gore.